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SabbathKids.Com is an exciting website that keeps kids’ attention for hours on end, with new content added every week.

Parents also visit SabbathKids.Com to check it out, read the blog, and share their ideas with others.

Advertising reaches a core audience of early elementary students and their parents who are making value-based decisions about how to raise their children in a way that honors God.

Thus, we are very selective about who we let advertise on this site. If we weren’t, we would just use Google’s AdSense.

You can reach this growing audience by advertising with us.

Eventually, the pricing will be:

  • 1 Top Banner Ad (may include animation) – 600 x 100 – above the fold – $500 per month
  • 1 Main Side Ad (no animation) – 250 x 250 – below the fold – $250 per month
  • 4 Smaller Side Ads (no animation) – 120 x 120 – below the fold – $100 per month

Right now, as we are building our core audience, you can lock in three months of advertising for 1/5 of the price:

  • Top Banner Ad – $100 per month
  • Main Side Ad – $50 per month
  • Small Side Ad – $20 per month

To advertise with us, call Jay L. Perry at 805/270-5184 or email

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