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Last Sabbath, we surpassed 50,000 hits on the site and we’re growing more and more by the day. Thanks for spreading the word and using the site. If you have any suggestions, this would be a great place to post them.


Enjoy your Sabbath.

Your Super Hero

My wife was talking about a very interesting sermon the other day and it centered on super heroes. For example Iron Man had no “super powers” but his own. He was a man with a broken heart who used his suit to achieve great things. Jesus puts our broken hearts together and through him we achieve great things.

What other connections can you make with super heroes and the bible?

Here’s one: Compare Superman and Moses. Superman was in a tiny ship and went from one family and was adopted by another? The ship almost looks like the basket Moses traveled in.



New additions for March

I hope our longtime followers have noticed we have added lots of content. A new feature under videos is Lego Bible Stories, specifically for our younger members.




John Devine founder.

When should someone be baptized?

I have seen children baptized at 8 or 9 years old, and also seen parents make their children wait until they are teenagers. Unfortunately, by that time they no longer want to be baptized. At what age do you think young people should be baptized?

Still growing

Welcome Sabbathkids family:


We have had some growing pains where we had to repopulate our content, but the bugs have been cleared. We have the capability to replace the games/videos/puzzles and other items you enjoy and even more.

If you noticed, there is also a Sabbathkids theme song as well. Sabbathkids would like to thank Shadrac Henry for the music and concept.

Despite our growing pains, we have more than 20,000 views from around the world (videos from Australia and New Zealand) in a little more than a year. Thank you all for your support and keep the site growing.

John Devine founder.


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